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Bob Maxwell

Bob leads GMG’s advertising and marketing programs. He brings over 26-years of marketing, advertising, and public relations experience to GMG, including 15-years in the highly-competitive world of retail advertising and marketing. Bob has worked with a wide range of media, including print, television, radio, direct mail, point-of-purchase, outdoor, and web. He has created multiple award-winning ad campaigns and has provided marketing services for insurance, manufacturing, professional sports teams, entertainment venues, non-profit organizations, health care, retail and financial services organizations. His clients have ranged from small two-person shops to large Fortune 500 companies.


We are a seasoned team of communications professionals with expertise in marketing strategy, creative development, and strategic public relations. We offer years of experience providing communication solutions and generating more business for a wide variety of industries. In other words, we help you move your project forward.

Tom Buckley

Tom started out in the print industry, which provided him essential training to design creative, yet economical pieces for a variety of clients. He brings 16-years as a designer, illustrator and photographer for the luxury, healthcare, and non-profit industries. Tom excels in print, web, textile, tradeshow graphics, book design, copyright processing, and event promotion. He has a gift for finding economical marketing solutions for companies of all sizes and budgets.

Joanne Billow

Joanne brings to GMG more than 30-years of award-winning broadcast experience. She is responsible for a variety of tasks that support all advertising and marketing campaigns. Joanne’s background includes copywriting, graphic design, marketing and media training. She has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations in the development of public service campaigns, as well as assisting in promotional campaigns for the service and retail industries. Joanne does voice-over work for radio and TV, and has decades of experience conducting interviews.

Chris Gregor

Chris brings more than 30-years of copywriting, broadcast production and marketing experience to GMG. He has worked on staff with regional, national and global ad agencies and for 22-years operated his own freelance copywriting business. His background includes writing in all media – print, broadcast and digital, for institutions, organizations and companies large and small. He has worked in varied market segments including higher education, healthcare/medical, financial services, sports/recreation, manufacturing/industrial, hi-tech, consumer goods, business-to-business, food service, legal and insurance.

John Bissell

John’s versatility and 26-years of experience make him a leader in the marketing field. He has worked in marketing, advertising, communications, public relations strategy, industry research, crisis communication, reputation management, account management, business and brand development and strategic planning. John specializes in discovering the connections between brands and consumers that build business and sustain long-term relationships. He was previously a Senior Principal of a global advertising, marketing and public relations agency and worked with architectural firms, construction businesses, municipalities, utilities, agricultural organizations, non-profits and private firms. John’s extensive background includes the creation of media relations plans, marketing materials, web communications, recruitment and all human resource functions.

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